Brains on art

Increased digital and social elements in our everyday life have significant impact on our brains’ performance at work. With technology and neuroscience, we can for instance create safer workspaces and help people to improve decision-making in stressful situations. Visit our stand to discuss about neuroscience in business and try brain poem demo to get better understanding about the possibilities of neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

Find your focus


Experiencing continuous interruptions at work and finding it hard to focus? Visit our stand to discuss what kind of data we can extract from human body to improve the activity and focus levels. Smart clothes also enable new kinds of possibilities to carry out work tasks in the background. Imagine if we could automatically finish tasks by following movement and activity of a person.

Insights from space

Inights from space

What if you had all the information about every square meter in Finland? Did you know that satellite data is free and accessible for anyone? Visit Insights from space stand to hear how your business can benefit from the information.

Agile Coach Corner

Agile Coach Corner

Have you thought about how agile methods could boost your organisation's operations? Maybe your current modes of operation need polishing? Expressing interest in agile (ketterä kehittäminen) in the Ratkaisu20 registration form will be followed by a short meeting suggestion by one of our agile coaches. You are also welcome to talk with us at our stand without a prebooked meeting. In the conversation we will offer you tips on how to get started, and how to utilise agile methods in your organisation.

Future workday experience

Future workday experience

How does a workday feel five years from now? What kind of tools do we need in the future? Workday experience adjusts for different situations and is more personal experience. In our Smart Society area you can tell us how you’d build an ideal workday in the future.

Cyber security

Cyber security

Welcome to hear and discuss about cyber secure business. CGI’s comprehensive cyber security services help you to identify security risks, build secure solutions and act securely every day. We can turn your employees to the strongest part of you cyber security. At the event, you can also try our educational CGI CyberCon Escape room and the newly published Spoofy cyber security mobile game for children. 

VIRTA.AI takes you to intelligent case management

VIRTA – modernia asianhallintaa älykkäästi

Intelligent case management makes employee's life easier and gives citizen easy access to the public services. Welcome to experience where CGI's VIRTA.AI can take case management in the near future.

Aromi Lounge

Aromi – More responsible food service
Our laid back Lounge let’s you reload among the intensive seminar day. We have designed intriguing demos to share our views of the future of food service.
You can buy products with face payment or let AI figure out the perfect snack for you. Our nutritionist gives guidance towards a healthier lifestyle and we’ve designed an app that provides tasty Aromi recipes for consumers.
In Aromi Lounge, you have a chance to challenge our food tech experts on the new decade of the food service industry!

Social and healthcare solutions

Social and healthcare solutions

How to use modern tools to enhance human-to-human cooperation and enable sound and timely healthcare services for citizens. Omni360 is a group of easy-to-use and modular tools for social and healthcare sector. The tools help and guide professionals in customer and patient encounters, supports customer self-service and technically fits in to different environments. 

CGI Vesa – For the best of the child and the young

CGI Vesa

At the heart of the educational ecosystem built with various actors is early childhood education and student management, which support the daily life and life cycle from childhood to secondary school. Welcome to familiarize yourself with CGI Vesa, a role-based early childhood education service that combines early childhood education with everyday life.

Data visualization for municipalities

Data visualization for municipalities

What is need for labor in the cities of Espoo or Suomussalmi in the year 2035? At our stand you can take a look at municipalities’ future and past population and labor data in 40 years’ timeline. Welcome to hear how modern tools’ efficient data visualization and analysis capabilities enable us to compare municipalities’ data and use it for better decision-making to support building of affluent and vivid living environment for us all.  

Human Connections

What challenges do the digital leaders still face? What is the need of the hour? It’s time to rethink transformation. It’s time to transform in motion by visualizing the human side of your organization. We will share findings from our in-depth conversations with digital leaders and other research; and most importantly, what you could do about it. Visit our stand to learn more and to calculate the chances of success in your digital transformation. You also have a chance to get a free copy of CGI’s Human Connections book. See you there!

Business pulse maps out the well-being of companies

Business pulse

How are the companies in your neighborhood doing? Which industry is strongly represented and which companies are thriving? Business pulse maps out the vitality of Finnish municipalities in comparison to company revenues and employee count. In region development, it is important that the inhabitants have access to employment and diverse services. Companies, on the other hand, look for new business opportunities and keep a close eye on competitors’ success. CGI has executed this demo in co-operation with LeadCloud.

City planning through service design

City planning through service design

Good user experience is in the heart of city planning in the future. At our stand, you have a chance to get to know the city of Järvenpää through a 3D model. FactaMap Pro is a solution developed for municipalities helping them in functions related to planning, measuring and real estate. FactaMap Pro helps visualize plans by using 3D information and city models. By renewing traditional building processes with the help of service design, we can transform the license process to a user-friendly digital service.

Fast Feedback provides a fast and effortless way for users to give voice feedback!

Fast feedback

Fast Feedback makes giving feedback easy, regardless of the time and place. Voice dictation and intuitive mobile app UI ensures users’ willingness and focus on giving valuable feedback. Organization can develop their operations based on received feedback with this solution. Advanced analytics in the solution enable organizations to  create cost benefits by moving from reactive ticket handling towards proactive problem prevention.


How using electric car differs from tradtional combustion engine car? Visit our stand to find out. At the stand you'll learn about Volkswagen's full electric and plug-in hybrid cars. You also have a chance to test drive a full electric e-Golf and hybrid Passat GTE. K-Lataus is also at the event. 

Hitachi Vantara – The Power Behind Powering Good

Hitachi has been focusing on Social Innovation to power a better world for over 100 years by integrating technology with rich expertise in social infrastructure. Our collaborative creation with customers and partners is now accelerating even more with Hitachi Vantara’s advanced digital solutions, services and technologies for turning data into real insights to drive digital innovation.



Cisco is world leading IT company that helps organizations to take advantage of new opportunities by connecting people, information and processes in new ways. To hear more about our services, visit us at the event. 

Microsoft - Smarter Tomorrow


 Experience AI in action with the full line-up of Microsoft Surface Devices in the modern workplace.

Dell Technologies


Welcome to discuss with us, how we could help you with your digital transformation journey and make it real for your IT infrastructure, cloud environment and workforce. At our stand you can see and feel our latest business laptop models, and try a virtual reality experience – modify a datacenter or become a basketball player – the stage is yours.



Oracle, a global provider of enterprise cloud computing, is empowering businesses of all sizes on their journey of digital transformation. Welcome to discuss with Oracle experts at the event!



Denodo is the leader in data virtualization providing agile, high performance data integration, data abstraction, and real-time data services across the broadest range of enterprise, cloud, big data, and unstructured data sources at half the cost of traditional approaches.

MobilePay Invoice - paying invoices has never been easier


MobilePay Invoice is an easy and fast way to pay your invoices – like always in MobilePay with one swipe. MobilePay and CGI co-operation enables  also you to offer MobilePay Invoice to your customers. Come and test how easy it can be to pay your invoices today.